About Body by Audri

After 16 months as a new mom. I lost the 40lbs I gained total after pregnancy and while recovering from my c-section.

About Audri

I feel it’s my mission in life to educate and inspire others about the fundamentals of fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, health and wellness. The knowledge I share is from academics, accreditations, self taught education, and most importantly applied experience in my chosen profession. What I share, model and educate is how I know and choose to live. I thrive to create a balanced and healthy lifestyle for myself, my little family and others. I have had my own tests and trials in my life that has had an impact of my mind, body or soul. I have learned over the years that one must be conscious of the maintenance of this balance to thrive in life. I have a well imbedded passion for an active and healthy lifestyle which I hope, inspires people like yourself.

Body by Audri

Body by Audri has been my go to outlet when I feel its necessary to communicate a topic in health and wellness. I have had my Facebook Page for over 4 years and it has matured along with my career. There was once an internal conflict about how big I wanted Body by Audri to be. Back when I was employed by a corporate gym, I literally had a conflict of interest with my own brand! There was no way I was living my mantra to balance mind-body-soul when I was not able to be creative and excited about what I do for a living. Now I have the tools and time to create a stunning webpage, interesting blog and the ability to reach more people.

I view fitness as an exciting way to create happiness and excitement for ones life. My fitness programs will make anyone zest for more adventure. I can provide a program with exciting outside workouts, aquatic pilates, an outdoor adventure, or any activity of your choice. I create funtional training programs for sport specific training to get your body prepared for your next big goal, or functional training to help enhance day to day living.

You have never had a personal trainer like me. I will guide you were you want to go, I will inspire you to achieve your goals…

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General Information

I am located in Long Beach, Ca.

Current activities include: Postpartum training, functional training, swimming, yoga, cross training, hiking, aerial trapeze and all of it in between.


Biochemistry at CSULB/UCSC, W.I.T.S certified, EFTI (Equinox Fitness Training Intstitute), Certified Chemistry Tutor, KettleBell Certified, Pre and Post Natal, Myo-Fascial Release, Functional movement Cerified, ELDOA certified.

Program Prices vary. Individual and group fitness plans are available. Location varies depending on activity and needs of the client. I can travel up to 15 mi to a session at a gym, home or park or pool.


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