Villas Mastatal- Our Week Deep in the Costa Rican Jungle

CostaRica 2018 part 1 of our adventure. We departed from LAX on the red eye, non-stop to San Jose Costa Rica. I did my research, bought our sold out flight months ago on cyber Monday for a great deal. Momma MIND powers were already kicking in when I was planning and envisioning our itinerary. I must give myself credit for thinking each step through for the sake of comfort for our babe and ultimately for ourselves. We had an idea about how traveling days would go, but only kinda… Well, actually not really ๐Ÿ˜ณ.

After a 6 hr flight, a public bus to downtown San Jose, and another bus to Puriscal we had more traveling to do.

We filled up on local empanadas and sent out a “we are ok” to our social networks.

We had to just wait patiently for our final longest bus ride to Villas Mastatal. This is where real Pura Vida started to impact our thoughts. We really began to get tired from our travels. My body was up for the challenge but my MIND was exhausted.

We loaded onto the 1950’s BlueBird manual transmission bus that would take us to our final destination for 7 days. It was full of kind people, but absolutely terrifying! I really had to dig in deep and radiate positivity and calmness to my daughter as the bus hauled ass through the countryside. We went way too fast up and down hills, mostly dirt roads with cliffs on the side. The bus could of broken down or simply broken apart. We had to endure 2+hrs of this death ๐Ÿ’€ bus. I just had to surrender in my MIND and breath. Our sweet baby fell asleep peacefully.

We were welcomed to Villas Mastatal during dinner. We were taken to our bungalow and instantly exhaled all stresses from our day. We were greeted with Pura Vida.

Our bungalow was open air. So when we opened our curtains in the morning to our view for the week we were in awe. We could look across the jungle canopy for miles!

The morning routine was to wake up to the loud cicadas (winged big eyed insects) and drinking coffee from local sources, than ๐Ÿณ breakfast with fresh farm eggs. The sun hits hard early in the jungle. Jason was extremely excited to get dirty and do farm activities. The first day he helped plant yuca! Andi is always trying to help her daddy.

As much as I wanted to be of moral support to Jason’s farming ambitions, we had to just pay a visit. Andromeda and I just needed to stay focused on self care and staying cool as our bodies continued to acclimate to the humidity and heat. We took plenty of showers in the outdoor tropical shower to help stay cool.

Cool showers usually led to late morning naps during the high heat of the day.

Bug nets were absolutely necessary even during the day. Anytime you were asleep, bugs could sneak up on you. ๐Ÿœ

A typical day on the farm would be after breakfast you get to work/volunteer. Then as soon as it gets too hot to work, you just ๐Ÿค™๐ŸฝPura Vida. So we explored the property when Jason was done.

We hiked down to the river to visit “La Cascada”. We had no idea what we were going to be able to enjoy.

I laugh because the following picture is exactly our faces as we came around the corner to view the waterfall. There is nothing like this in California. This was truly a moment (one of many during the first week) where I was just struck with the most happiest, fulfilling feelings. When you are an adventurer, you seek moments just like this.

So we did what any other hippy in nature would do… We got naked and jumped right in! When you wear a bathing suit, it takes forever to dry in Costa Rica. Chaffing sucks. So skinny dipping is really the best option in my opinion. It’s a private tropical waterfall in the middle of Costa Rica, why not!?

Chilling in the bungalow was sometimes my best way of recharging. There was a yoga deck below in the common dormitory where I also did yoga. The sunset after a long day was always epic from our private space.

If you are a women reading this then you would understand the need for space when you are menstruating. My goal was to have a minimal impact in trash production at the sustainable eco lodge. I successfully used the cup for the first time and found it extremely helpful. I got my chance to have my own ritual for the New Moon and moved forward with setting intentions for our life in Costa Rica.


Our bungalow was truly such an amazingly simple home. It became well lived in.

Tropical bird watching from this point was epic. We saw so many gorgeous macaws and toucans.

An Iguana ๐ŸฆŽ would fall from the tree and land on our roof everyday. I would watch him crawl and hear him scratch as held on for dear life.

Volunteer projects around the villas were subjective. Anything you wanted to contribute was welcomed. I began to make dreamcatchers with Jason so we could leave a meaningful adornment for the common areas. Other volunteers liked our idea and began to also create dreamcatchers for the common areas.

I was really impressed with Jason’s creativity as he began to add succulents from the trees to his dreamcatcher. The succulents would live on his dreamcatcher. He created a living piece of art to hang in the common dining area.

If we weren’t farming, hiking to the waterfall, or making dreamcatchers, we were walking down the same first road we got here on toward the “town”. The “town” consisted of only a bar and a small family owned restaurant.

The kind Ticos in town were some who we’ve already met on the crazy bus! They helped Jason load and unload our backpacks. They were so happy to see us they would offer us their best fruit and a ride on a pony for Andi.

We adopted this amazing artistic space as our own. We had this space accessible right outside our bungalow. It was such a nice place to relax during the end of the day. We watched the night sky many nights here with new friends from all around the world.

I also created a dreamcatcher with beads I made from clay. Last time we were in Costa Rica we wanted to make these beads to gift to new friends. I’m so happy I brought them and made art. My simple but organic, natural and upcycled dreamcatcher was made from a broken hammock. I hung it parallel to Jason’s in the main common dining area.

I loved swinging in a hammock with my sweet baby girl. We would chat and laugh about our day on the farm.

After I was done with my womanly cycle, I was refreshed and renewed for more adventure. My BODY began to move better and even began to slim. My yoga practice was getting to the level where I wanted it to be.

We had only been eating vegetarian meals consisting on beans and rice and various vegetables from the farm. Even though my energy seemed to be stagger with the new diet, my BODY did feel good. Andi Sage, The Babe, always sat at the head of the table. Everyone came from all around the world. Us representing California, there was couple from Sweden, England, Australia, Canada and Pennsylvania. There was something special about sharing meals together.

In the morning Jason would go to volunteer and I enjoyed the quiet time when my babe was asleep. I always travel with stones to help me ground myself. Sometimes I gain introspective insight, sometimes I just like the way they look in the sun. Regardless, I loved bringing my Sage Goddess Gemstone kit because coincidently I needed each one throughout my trip. Even Andi found herself more calm after holding them. This is how I was able to charge my SOUL, my energy field.

It’s the weekend at Villas Mastatal. Pura Vida! We walked to the nearby National Forest for some nature love. We saw so many ๐Ÿธfrogs, ๐Ÿฆ‹butterflies and interesting๐Ÿ insects.

We also definitely needed to visit the private waterfall again… My SOUL was so filled, my aura cleansed. So refreshing.

Andi and I would use the old and weathered push bike to visit each animal everyday. My athletic babe actually began to use the peddles! Mental note to get her one of these back at home!

The roosters attitude intrigued the little babe. It would cock a doodle do after we turned our backs. Everytime.

Monday morning came around. This marked a week of our Pura Vida life. Jason jumped in and made everyone breakfast ๐Ÿณ before working his last day. Costa Rican cocinas, kitchens, are outside.

Look how happy my love, Jason, is. One of the main purposes of our experiance at Villas Mastatal was to gain experiance. He definitely did. He planted Piรฑas and networked with sustainable farmers from the US. This is him at his higher self. He’s radiating with excitement and Pura Vida.

Pura Vida! Image of a Costa Rican farmer.๐Ÿค™๐Ÿฝ

We woke really early, before sunrise, to catch the am bus from the farm. The same scary (AF) bus through the county. At least it wasn’t the young daring driver we had last time. Thank goodness for Jason’s intuition because we did not have to ride it as long. He found a better alternative by chatting broken Spanish.

We were ready for a week of Festival. A long day of travel all started with this sunrise over the country side.

We were headed to the coastal town of Quepos and then a bus to Envision. From our pre dawn bus ride, we were dropped off 1 mile from the Quepos charter bus stop. One of the hardest hikes I think I have ever done. Unexpectedly hiking all of our lives including a baby with only one hour to get to the stop. All uphill. I. Was. DEAD when we reached a happy lady who served us empanadas. Our adventure continued with our medical festie family…

To Be Continued…

If you are interested in volunteering for an eco farm or for any more information about Villas Mastatal click HERE. I would also love to share more tips about being an adventurous parent. Please contact Audri HERE to answer any questions you might have. Pura Vida!

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