International Backpacking With My Babe, Andi Sage.

Here I am sitting at home thinking about Costa Rica in the upcoming weeks.It’s getting more real. If you’ve been following my adventures you know that this would be the first major festival of the season. We are preparing for our adventure to Costa Rica in mid February where we will stay at the farm near a national forest with a Tica family. There will be a community of people eager to learn about farming and Costa Rican culture. Then we will head to Envision festival where I will get to be with like minds and my festival family. I will be joining the medical team starting off my third season with these magical human beings. Finally we will head to La Fortuna to adventure in the cool cloud forest. We will be staying with the kind family that we stayed with last time. We were comfortable there. We will stay in San Jose for a day and jump on the plane back to LAX.

So my mind is thinking about my packing situation. Of course, its necessary to think about packing ahead of time as a Momma. When you have a baby it is a whole new game. I feel like this is a scrimmage to bigger and greater adventures for our little family. Trips like this take more planning, or envisioning then usual. I hope I can be more right than wrong, make less mistakes. I can honestly say this mindset makes me zone into what is the most minimal needed items necessary. I do feel I have a ton of experience packing. I am such a festie gypsy and do minimal gear camping ⛺️ for fun. Little Andromeda has been backpacking with us since she was 4mo old. That is not considering the long distance backpacking we did when I was pregnant. So I feel I know what to bring so that Andi is comfortable. I bring everything I want and everything I need. I collect sample sizes of soaps and natural laundry detergent, sunblocks, and bug spray. We did not have a problem with bringing essential oils into Costa Rica so I’ll be stocking up!

If you are interested in what’s an international trip packing list looks like continue reading. I hope that it can help you.

So here is my baggage allowance.

  • 1 checked bag with baby items/first aid 20lbs.
  • 1 checked bag for camping Items not allowed on carry on.
  • 2 carry ons
  • 1 large item allowance at gate this will be the Osprey Bag

This will vary from person to person.

Here are some essential items for baby.

  • Diapers/wipes*
  • Snacks*
  • Packable toys/mini books*
  • Download songs/video on 📱
  • Comfort items (have backups)*
  • Osprey Poco backpack
  • On body baby carrier/ergo carrier
  • Bloomers
  • Lite dresses
  • Long sleeve open shirt
  • Swim diaper/bathing suit
  • Sundress
  • Playshoes and sandals
  • Sunhat/sunglasses
  • Sunblock and bug spray
  • baby toiletries including thermometer toothbrush nail clippers
  • medication for pain relief and cough.
  • Antibacterial/ soap /wipes/ gel
  • First aid kit for family
  • Essential oils
  • Hand fan/mini electric
  • Vitamins/nutritional powder
  • Bottle system/ sippy cups/utensils

You have to understand that the goal is to be only carrying our backpacks (baby inside the osprey) and a personal bag. This is how we will travel internationally with her.

I learned a ton this past year as a new mom. Don’t ever NOT think of everything. We are renting a rental car, have trip insurance and are opting for accommodations that are meant for families. Every detail of how you pack including accessibility, lightweight and minimally. It takes experience and you should just try your best. I’ll update once we are back.

Do you have anything to add? Any personal experience? Let me know! I would love to hear from other Momma’s that travel the world and hike mountains.

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