Oregon Eclipse Decompression

At the end of last week we finished our 2.5 week long trip up the Pacific North West including Seattle and the Oregon Eclipse Festival North of Bend Oregon. Jason, Andi and I are finally getting back into the swing of things and in our normal routines. I wanted to say hello from the festival last week but due to lack of reception (it was more than ok to be off the grid) the scheduled blog didn’t get to post. So here is my decompression blog about how magical the festival was!

Before I begin, I want to say thank you again to my friends who helped us out. We had a bit of a mishap right before the festival. The horrible memory was almost erased as our amazing friends and community helped us recover monetarily from it. The stress levels decreased significantly and we were able to enjoy peace of mind… Meow. 

I was spiritually drawn to the cosmic experience as soon as I realized that there was going to be a Total Solar Eclipse over Oregon August 21st 2017. I was pregnant last year when I started to plan and knew it was an experience I needed to share with my partner and my to-be 8mo daughter. I have seen pictures of totality, but I needed to be there to experience how it feels when the sky gets dark and the sun becomes black. I just didn’t know what to expect. As a individual who considers herself someone who worships nature and the heavenly cosmos, I knew this was going to be the ultimate experience.

Sunrise of Big Prairie Summit after sitting in a line of cars for over 18 mi and 13 hrs.
From a logistics viewpoint, the festival was very unorganized and if we weren’t self reliant, patient, and a little street smart, then the process of integrating ourselves into the festival would of been misery. The entry alone was a 13 hour wait in line in the middle the night. I didn’t sleep while I held Andromeda in my arms all night as we creeped toward the front gate. We got to our friends at DanceSafe by 9am and began to set up camp in a primo spot.

As we inched closer to the entrance a hot air ballon landed ahead of us.
Tensions were high amongst everyone because of no sleep, unorganization and lack of communication amongst the festival organizers. The DanceSafe leads were rockstars because they handled what they do best independently. Jason and I remained dependable as volunteers to help ease any stress. Maybe it was the cosmic energy throwing everyone off, or maybe the lack of modern day communication available. Regardless of the issues, we were happy and grateful to be working alongside our festival family of superheroes. Working the DanceSafe booth we met many people and had a dependable place that our friends could find us during the day. Andromeda hung out with us as we chatted with attendees from all over the world about how to stay safe during the festival.

Andromeda and Mama hanging out in the back of the truck in camp. It was hot so minimal clothes were worn.

Even though the festival had certain elements, performances, artists and installations from festivals we have been to, Envison, LIB, Symbiosis, Desert Hearts, and Burning Man; Oregon Eclipse was unlike all of them in one way. We were gathering for an entire week to celebrate a cosmic event that people, even during ancient times, would consider significant. It’s life changing to be able to experience such an cosmic event. This festival is different because unlike partying hard for Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend or a random 3 day weekend, celebrating our place within the cosmos was what brought about 40,000 people from all over the world together. This festival was unique and special. A lot of love went into creating every plate of food, DJ set, hanging of a hammock, and creation of a piece of art. This is what filled my soul. There was a collective spiritual build up before the Great American Eclipse.

Daddy’s a great cook. Here is a mid day meal. Whole grain pita bread, hummus, curry chicken and topped with a lake cabbage mix. Feeding the body fills the soul!

The festival site was unable to provide cell or internet services. Which I found humbling. Communication was done by notes being passed along friends and left on message boards. Signs were scattered along the fence that were colored and meant to grab attention of long lost friends. I had multiple conversations about how one should realize that the festival was a closed container. When I explained what a closed container meant, the individuals I spoke to began to release expectation and flow with the festival. If a missing friend was tuning into the same frequency (mentally, not literally), thoughts of meeting up would soon manifest into reality. I personally relied on that philosophy and I met most of the friends without prior arrangements.

My heart jumped for joy when I received this note from my friends that I wasn’t able to contact.

Andromeda Sage is getting ready for an evening stroll with her cozy festie fur.

Frolicking through the festival at night is so much fun when we get to explore light up art installations.

Art was found everywhere. Love was poured into every pom pom Andi played with.

This was one of my favorite features within the festival. Gorgeous gardens and horticulture displays.

Significant events also had began to synchronize and manifest, both positive and negative. I needed to remain as positive and as full of light as possible. We didn’t need accidents or losing something due to heightened negative emotions. Don’t you feel like that’s even so in the default world? In a closed container like a festival, the ripples of both negativity and positivity, in my experience, is amplified.

After days of catching our favorite musical artists like Beats Antique, Emancipator, the Desert Hearts crew, and enjoying the arts and horticulture installations, the entire festival prepared for the main attraction. Jason and I both agreed that we would enjoy a morning picnic up on the hill where we would meet our tribe. The meeting point would be somewhere near the sun temple. I knew that I wanted the experience to be a spiritual one but I didn’t know how. I knew we would meet up with our friends but how could we find them amongst 40,000 people!?

Jason (Jameson) crutched and I pushed a jogging stroller the entire festival!

This was the first time during the week that we actually got to the edge of the water and the docks.

You can see the precession line across the lake and up the hill.

We stopped and took a look back after we crossed the bridge and started up the hill. The precession goes a long way.

We continued up the hill to the sun temple were we almost immediately ran into our tribe.
Synchronicity, that’s how. Our little tribe of light all synched up almost immediately after we arrived on top of the hill. The precession to the sun temple was a festival wide understanding that everyone should take part in. We had no idea that we could find our friends. These people were the people I wanted to experience the total eclipse with, and they thought the same of us. So the closed container, no communication, theory of just flowing with everything proved right. We got to share magic together.

I built a mini alter displaying my stones that I have carried with me for protection and for other personal reasons. Sage and Palo Santo helped create a spiritual guard.

The Eclipse has begun! Wearing these special glasses made it possible to view the moon.

The spot that we met was near the natives dancing in their dress feathers around the sacred fire. Originally I didn’t know how I was going to celebrate spiritually, but I was happy we found a pocket of good energy and people of light. As a women of native heritage, this felt so normal and spiritually fulfilling because of familiarity. The natives began a ceremony to cultivate good energy and to honor our land. The elders spoke of protecting our resources and spreading love. We anticipated the dance of the moon and sun. And then it began to get dark, cold, earie. There was a point when uncontrollable fear set in as the sun was being covered slowly.

We relaxed but all the energy was intense. I’m glad we had our tribe of light.

We sat at the base of the Sun Temple. Andi wasn’t allowed to look what we were looking at, which just made her more curious why we had glasses on.

The Eclipse continues. It begins to get darker.

There was a call for the innocence and positivity of children towards the center of the crowd. I sat there for just moments as I began to feel the shift of energy and wanted to return back to my family to share the magic with them.
The baby began to sense the changes. She got fussy and didn’t know what to do with herself. I had to cover her up and put a beanie on her. The darkness was setting in quicker. As we all paid attention to the very last sliver of light from the sun a native drum beat quicker. Like all of our heart beats in sync we waited and couldn’t contain our excitement as the sun became black. I quickly stood in awe while holding Andromeda. Her daddy exclaimed “Andromeda Look!” and she looked toward the black hole sun and screamed with enjoyment with everyone. I quickly looked around to witness the birds flying away, and the sky that looked like sunrise and sunset at the same time. I saw the planets and stars overhead. Wow. What a moment of pure amazement as a human. I cried my eyes out releasing built up stress and energy. I cried because I felt so human, so minuscule to the vastness of the cosmos. I cried because I was so connected to the unifying consciousness of everyone of love and light around me. I cried because with all of our trials and tribulations I made it to Big Prarie Summit with my loves Jason and Andromeda. What magic!

At this point the crowd begun to get more and more silent. The Natives began to drum a steady beat that felt like a collective heart beat.

The sky began to get dark and the lights were on. Totality was eminent and the crowd began to whoop.

The last picture I took before I put the phone down to live in the moment. No picture was going to truly show the magnificence of the moment. You can see the lens as refracted the suns image and can tell it was almost totality. The sun has a black hole as the corona shines bright.

The Tribe. We cultivated so much love and light amongst our pocket of the crowd. We truly had such a positive experience.

Feeling refreshed after a dip in the lake. Jason dunked his head in the water by the dock.
As the sun began to emerge from behind the moon, a giant burst of light at about 3 o clock represented the “diamond ring effect”. The crowd gasped and cheered as we celebrated the end of totality. We were renewed, reset, it’s a new beginning.  I wiped my eyes, had moments with those I care so much about. The heat began to get more and more intense as the shadow moved onwards. Everyone began to leave for their next experiences. Jason and I headed down the hill when I saw the water of the lake. I needed to be in the lake not only because it was hot, but because it was time to wash away any residual uncomfortable energy. I strolled Andi to the waters edge, stripped off my clothes and got into the chilled refreshing water. I had the help of a kind nurturing women when I dunked my head and Andromeda needed to be held. I felt like I was washed, spiritually cleansed and renewed. I shared such a renewing ritual with my baby and it was so special.
At the end of the day Jason and I had time to wander and explore the grounds a little more. We shared our experiences with others who also shared theirs. Through the festival we often found ourselves with the space nerds of Black Rock Observatory. We viewed the Andromeda Galaxy, Saturn, and stars with our favorite space loving festies. Our last night at the festival we found an band of gypsies named Yaima playing beautiful music and became instant fans.

I woke Tuesday morning with the yearning to take a real shower in a comfortable hotel. It took me all day to pack up. I had been doing all of the lifting and organizing since Jason was limited in abilities to help. He did a great job all week crutching and using a wheelchair to get around. It was my responsibility to make sure our camping supplies was set up and taken down. Usually I decorate and make the space pretty, but I had no time to deal with any extras this time. In the end I was glad I had less to pack away. We said our meaningful and heart to heart goodbyes to who we could around us and escaped the festival grounds.

We never got to see how big the festival grew until we drove out. This was a picture taken by Prineville Police Department.
This is where our amazing friends helped us the most. We got to find a decent hotel at an inflated price in Bend Or for the night. We knew that hotels in he area were going to be costly but there was no way we could travel with a baby further than Bend Or. We were so thankful to walk into a large room with a beautiful shower. We washed off got comfy, opened some wine and claimed victory. We did it.

Mt. Shasta was so majestic in the distance. as we approached Weed.

The Brewery we enjoyed for dinner in Weed.

All the special items we collected over the course of 2.5 weeks on the road, camping, festival life and visiting friends.
It took us a total of 3 days to get home. I hardly had time on the road to write any updates. I was busy searching for where we would land that day. From Bend we traveled to Weed Ca at the base of Mt Shasta. From Weed we traveled just outside of Sacramento to meet family for lunch, and through San Jose to say hi to a good friend. That night we landed in Salinas for a good nights rest before the home stretch. We got into LA during traffic and then finally made it home to our little hole in the wall apartment in Long Beach. What a trek home. I was so sad that our adventure was over, but happy to be home.

The question between my partner and I was… Why are we calling a city like Long Beach home? We want to be near trees. Why can’t the trees be our home? Eclipses are a telling of new beginnings. Is this the beginning tale of our new life together as a family? All I can do is anticipate what the universe has in store for us.

If you would like to know how I do this as a mom, how I endure some less than desirable conditions during festivals, and survive a week at a festival like LIB, Burning Man, or internationally like Envision, check out my post HERE. 

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