Hello From The SOUL-lar Eclipse Festival ๐ŸŒž

We are officially off the grid! We are amongst 30,000+ people from around the world gathering together in the Oregon wilderness. This post is a scheduled hello from the internet world of social media. 

As I’m writing this, we are on the road to the festival. After a whole day of packing, resupplying and packing again, we are finally focused on the festival life we will be living. With a hiccup (once deemed a disaster before friends helped us out) in the past, the future is bright. We can’t wait to see our festival family.

How are things on the outside? While we were in Portland today, it seemed to be the Oregonians are a bit disgruntled about the weirdos coming into town. An associate at Trader Joe’s even mentioned everyone’s energy is off and most often negative possibly due to the solar eclipse. What is it that effects us so much? 

If you happen to follow astrology, something as powerful as an eclipse could really toss interesting energy around. Here is an astrology excerpt about the solar energy and how the eclipse can influence your life:

People in the New Age community often comment that we are entering a period of accelerated collective evolution. First and foremost, eclipses are signs of our COLLECTIVE EVOLUTION. Eclipse cycles unfold over millennia, in time cycles vaster than a single human lifespan. Nevertheless, we do our best to tease out the meaning of a single eclipse, always remembering itโ€™s part of a much larger process. Some of the things that contribute to the overall astrological meaning of the Aug. 21 eclipse include:

  • Total eclipses have the most intense impact of all forms of eclipses. So on a scale of 1-10, thatโ€™s a 10.
  • Solar eclipse affects you consciously. Itโ€™s the choices you make for yourself
  • North Node eclipses bring something new to you. An opportunity you hadnโ€™t considered before
  • When the eclipse lord is the Sun, the eclipse impacts your identity, who you believe you are.
  • A fire sign eclipse has to do with your energy, vitality, and your drive. How you create.
  • The Saros 145 cycle, of which this Aug. 21 eclipse is a part, has a Uranian signature (doubly so since this specific eclipse also aspects Uranus.) This means the character is iconoclastic, rebellious and seeking freedom from tyranny and restraints. The desire to individuate.
  • Total eclipses have the most intense impact of all forms of eclipses. So on a scale of 1-10, thatโ€™s a 10.
  • Solar eclipse affects you consciously. Itโ€™s the choices you make  

Here is a fun article describing how the eclipse could influence your individual sun sign. 

Personally we all have had our fair share of drama and a major hiccup but we have learned more about ourselves. Maybe what makes this cosmic energy so intense is that the people are faced with truths about themselves that aren’t revealed regularly. Maybe they are feeling the force to change old ways, or view a new perspective that they could respect before. It’s not easy when the work to be done is an inward struggle. I will remind you as I remind myself… Just let it go. There is no need to vibrate low and negative when the universe tosses a curve ball. The potential for worse things becomes greater when all you focus on is the negative aspects of someone, the world or what you are unpleasantly dealing with at the moment. Life is too good to be so negative. Just enjoy the eclipse and ride the energey waves! 

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