The Energy of the Total Solar Eclipse and the Effects On Us Humans. 

Path of totality throughout the USA. A rare occurrence. Where will you be Aug 21, 2017?
Call me a hippie dippy gypsy, but I have felt my sixth sense has always been more developed than the average person. You could relate if you believe that there’s more to our reality. That there is an invisible and a powerful force that can’t be explained with our modern-day science. Some people claim that the quantum world has to do with the phenomenon of these unseen forces that many people with the sixth sense can detect. Many cultures and religions describe this other realm of our reality with stories and literature that supports their view of the unexplained. Call it what you will but there’s an undeniable unquestionable but unseen parallel reality.

When I decided to choose a major for college I choose the hardest sciences to study because I wanted answers to our physical world. I read many scientific journals, I have done plenty of my own experiments, worked as a biochemistry lab tech and felt content and strongly in only believing in what you can test. Many mathematical formulas and scientific calculations can be used to describe our physical world. Motion, gravity, magnetic forces, quantum physics all pertains to even the atoms that make up all the biological components of YOU!

Levels of organization. From the atom to the organism. What isn’t shown is the quantum world within the atom.

Think about it… You and I, your offspring and even your cat are made up of cells, those cells are made of organelles. Organelles are molecular machines that transport material in, out and all about inside the cell. Those biological machines made up of proteins work in different ways in different cells throughout the body. Absolutely one thing is certain. Every cell contains DNA. DNA is a huuuggge molecule built of nucleic acids and with that sequence has replicated the cell over and over again. Protein by protein. How does each protein know it’s function and what to do? How does DNA begin to copy itself without being conscious? The answer, Bio-Physics.

Well my friends, if you have been following me for this long, I am happy you have gone down this rabbit hole of info. I have been able to test all this in the lab. So you can trust me. So Bio-Physics? Yes, it’s a highly educated position in understanding how positive and electronegative polarities of each molecule react with its surroundings. Different single atomic ions like calcium, potassium, like in muscle functioning, help create the charges necessary to help the micro cell machines, organelles, to work. When all is in good working condition, the cell can work optimally and produce an organism, which is you and I. All this happens in an aqueous solution, stored in your cells, and in your body. If the tides of the world could be influenced by the moons gravitational pull, could you imagine the effects on a molecular level in your body? 


So what does this all have to do with the eclipse? Gravity. Consider the effects of the gravitational force with the perfect alignment of moon and sun could have on your body which is 75% or so water. There are forces that are evident throughout the physical world down into to atomic level of organization. Electrons that spin around an atomic nucleus are ruled by electromagnetism in every single atom. As scientists still explore the quantum world, it’s not evident if gravity and other modern day physical laws exist within that realm. Reality and results becomes blurred. What scientists thought they knew all along begins to be questioned. One thing that made quantum physics interesting was trying to calculate the likeliness of synchronicity. For example, When the atoms electromagnetic forces make it likely that an electron is in a certain point at one time. Wouldn’t this law, be amazing to test for? How does a scientist test this?

Modern day physics is hard for just anyone to wrap their head around, so that is why I am explaining. Every major physics hero is trying to prove a unifying theory that will connect the cosmic to the quantum. Every law we know is understood and rewritten to help predict and hypothesize about the unknown. The CERN atom smasher is used to detect quantum particles that are predicted and expected to be created. If results are conclusive, then we might get one more piece of the puzzle in understanding our universe. While scientists are trying to prove this unifying law by numbers, I’m interested in feeling this unifying force as a human in a natural setting observing a cosmic event. 

The Eclipse! What does this have to do about the eclipse! All I am trying to illustrate is that there is a realm that we are currently testing for in the scientific community. If all this time in human history we have always felt like there was more that we just couldn’t understand, than the quantum world might be where the answers lie. There is no denying that the moon passing directly in front of the sun is a a celestial event that has had humans in awe about for centuries. Currently technology and ease of travel allow adventure seekers to chase eclipses all around the world just to feel the effects. 

I hypothesize that the gravitational effects of such an event must effect the molecular forces in our bodies. I’ve been told being in the shadow is a feeling that is not describable, but can’t be denied as the day becomes night. Many of my friends have come to me about how certain planets are aligned in the sky and how it effects their moods and attitudes. Partially it’s pseudoscience, and can’t be directly studied as of yet. What about the social science of celestial events? Does everyone get grumpy, mean, forgetful etc? This in turn causes people in the community to be frantic, stressed, short and all the other negative aspects of the human psyche. I believe that gravitational effects is a possible cause. Does this excuse the behavior? Absolutely not. If you happen to follow celestial patterns to use as a guide when to be aware of other people’s behavior so that you don’t succumb to the negativity. Just the same if a celestial pattern is supposed to evoke positivity, you would want to harbor that energy for your own good. It’s like following the weather.
So in conclusion to my post… Believe what you want about what lies beyond the veil. My position is that the sun becoming black, day turning to night, and the increase of synchronicity as 30,000+ gather in one location at one time to celebrate being alive and human will generate a quantum effect that can be shared amongst all of like minds, open hearts, and even the skeptical. I will be feeling unified with the universe inside me, around me and cosmically.  It is undeniable that being in the shadow will be a mix of positive exciting feeling and negative dark emotions for some. Regardless, it will be a magical unifying experience across the country.


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