If We Could Do It, AnyBODY Can. πŸ’ͺ🏽🌲🎣

It is day 6 of our Pacific North West adventure to view the Oregon eclipse. A week ago I was on track with organizing and packing everything we could need while on the road for over 2 weeks. It really has paid off and I am proud of myself for an efficient packing job. We had a chance to have Andromeda meet our good friends and stayed at a organic homestead in the Santa Cruz mountains. 

Andi got her first kitty kiss on the nose by a friendly cat. It blew her mind! We then headed up into Humbolt County and got to stay with my brother in Arcata, Ca for 2 nights before camping along the Klamath River for another 2 nights. Andromeda got to bond with family and play with the puppy.

Last night we ate locally, showered really well, and slept super comfy in a large bed in Eugene Oregon. After days of spotty reception while exploring the redwoods and enjoying a salmon run camping trip, I’m plugged back into the inter-web for a quick hello! 

For those who are following this adventure know that I am tapping into my developing super mommy powers during this trip because of Jason’s broken leg. When I was in Austin, Texas a couple of weeks ago, Jason was on a solo backpacking trip when a rockslide broke his leg. Jason is just about 3 weeks into his healing. I had asked him if he wanted to continue on our eclipse trip and with the support of our festival friends, he decided that he couldn’t have us miss a once in a lifetime celestial event as huge as this. The festival is part our trip back down in the Ochoa forest along a lake. We had once had a grand plan to hot spring hop throughout the state of Oregon. That plan was nullified after he had a cast put on. Plans were modified, but not canceled. I was ready to take on the extra responsibilities.

I would like to recognize my partner for his willpower to help and to participate in all of the things including all that is adventurous. The cast (mind you he did get a more manageable sized cast before we began our trip) hasn’t slowed him down as much as I had originally planned for. Jason and his super daddy powers are charged up. Both Jason and I are both independent people and his will is driving his motivation to help (like myself) and do what he can. He is realizing his body is capable to take on a few unknown physical challenges.  

So far Jason and I have gone on a short hike through the redwoods in Arcata…

He went Salmon fishing with my brother which included a hike through the brush and a trek through the sand. He did this twice! He was commended by others along the beach for being a dedicated fisherman to be broken and combat fishing for wild salmon. Jason also helped me pack up the campsite as we were leaving. What a super daddy!

As we traveled up the 101 an on the 199 we were able to get out and hug trees, enjoy roadside berries, and view the Smith River. 

On a physical level Jason might be broken but is still fit. Before he got injured, he was strong and had great stamina and endurance. He has been taking good care of himself and using herbal supplements to help mend the broken bone and damaged tissue. He moves around with the help of crutches and a wheelchair. He is able to do single leg dead lifts and hop around on one leg. His body has adapted to the demands of everyday life. His willpower overcomes these challenges and just gets stronger. I’m so proud of him for staying so positive. 

It is inevitable that as soon as my partner gets through his physical therapy to help him regain movement on his leg after his cast, I will be training him to get back on the trails. I can already tell that his compensating leg and hip will be significantly imbalanced compared to the other. I can create a perfect program to help him recover his strength. We will be in the gym together over the off season to get him evened out.

Currently we are driving up Highway 5 and finally in Washington! We are headed to Seattle and will spend 2 nights there before we head down to meet up with our festie family near Bend, Oregon. So far we enjoyed the changes of sceanery and the escape from cities and smog. The occasional off the grid zones are just fine as we continue on our adventure. My little family wishes you happy trails throughout your week ahead! 

At Camp Klamath BBQ salmon dinner we all got to enjoy with family and friends.

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