My MIND Has Gone Packing. 

This past weekend was spent organizing camp and festival supplies and gear that had a thin layer of playa dust over it. It’s been two years since I had to pack for weeks on the road including a week long festival. My little family is headed up the Northern Pacific Coast and back down to Oregon for a total solar eclipse festival. I can’t wait to be surrounded by trees and be amongst many like minds all while visiting long time friends. My busy MIND tends to bounce all around while I try to think of every detail. Organizing supplies, cleaning the home and packing up our lives into the back of a white Toyota Tacoma with a camper shell.

Some camp decor essentials, baby supplies and warm coats. I used vacuum bags to help with our space saving.

It has been over two weeks since my partner, my love, broke his leg. It has been an adjustment but a manageable one with patience and lots of micro planning. Somehow my MIND has miraculously been more organized and orderly than ever before. It must be my mom super powers kicking in. My past blog I had explained that I was honorably accepting all the responsibilities that  I had to take on. Including doing the majority of packing and lifting of heavy items. It’s OK and I was pretty good at tetris as a kid. The truck will be packed with supplies for a kitchen, a gypsy den with curtains, comfy quarters in the camper shell, and all of my pretty things to bring and share. Unlike burning man two years ago, we are headed into the woods of Oregon this trip. So there are going to be different challenges and we are prepared. Of course we are bringing our little adventure partner Andromeda Sage along for the experience.

Our primary goal is to see the celestial event of a lifetime at the Oregon Eclipse Festival on August 21st North of Bend Oregon. I will be able to share this experience along side my tribe, a band of people with like minds of spirituality and personal well-being. The leader of the large camp I will be staying at is organizing all of the campsite logistics. In exchange we are helping with the health and safety of the attendees through a volunteer based organization called Dance Safe.

This is the RGX medical team. My magical medical gypsy family at Lightning in a Bottle 2017. We are a seriously dedicated group of humans making sure that 25,000 attendees are taken care of. Some of us will be helping out Dance Safe in Oregon.

Packing is like a meditating ritual. I always clean out the old, update any old or worn items and take inventory. I place loose items in one location and sort by usage. I seriously have become all about organization. I was gifted a makeup traveling case and I thought I had no use for it but I realized it has found me to utilize it in all its glory. My makeup travel box is the bomb! It holds evvvverything and more! I have my magic and utilities along with my toiletries and jewelry. It really eases my anxiety to know that it’s all in this solid square container organized and packed away. It even has locks so when the babe is exploring, she’s not getting into hazardous things.

I can’t believe all of my loose items are in one solid organized case! Festival and road trip game changer.

This next festival is a week long in Oregon forest near a lake. We will be on the road for about a total of a week and a half traveling and visiting friends and family. We have to pack a kitchen. Some of you probably have never heard this but it’s absolutely necessary to organize your kitchen and utensils for cooking. You must have every antibacterial wipe possible (I gathered all kinds from around my home and dollar store) and solutions to keep yourself safe from nastiness. Include antibacterial hand soap to wash off hippy grime before handling food.

Kitchen in a box! Everything needed to set up a food handling station.

While on the topic of food, I juice and consolidate everything we have left in the fridge and feeezer if possible. We stock up consistently when we are not on the road and have easy to pack-up and to cook meals while on the road and camping. Non-perishable and shelf stable items are perfect so that on our trip we are always guaranteed to have SOMETHING to cook. We fill up on perishable proteins and produce with a quick trip to local grocery store before we camp.

Juicing fruits and veggies left in the fridge before our trip. They won’t go to waste and will provide my body with vitamins and minerals while boosting immunity.

As I finish this post we are currently on the road to Santa Cruz, our first stop. I will be able to see the first group of welcoming faces of friends from long ago for dinner. In the morning we are headed up to Humboldt County to stay with my brother before we go camping and fishing over the weekend with him. From there we will make our way up to Seattle, WA to stay with a friend and explore the city. We will make our way back south towards the festival in Oregon where we will stay for a week with my tribe and festie family. Everything I could think of that we could possibly need is packed away in the back of the truck. Our adventure has begun!

Andromeda and her Daddy, my loves. At a quick rest stop and back on the road!

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