Broken Daddy, and Super Mommy.

Andromeda knocked out on the plane to Austin, Tx.

It’s almost been a week since I left to Austin, Texas. Andromeda and I went to visit my sister and her new husband Sam. My sister was amazing and rented everything that Andromeda needed the entire time we would be staying. While we were gone for the weekend Daddy had decided to go on a backpacking trip in the wilderness that we are familiar with.

My time in Austin was so much fun. Mellow family time spent with my sister, one of Andi’s special people. My sister treated me too amazing local foods and a massage. The massage was amazing because I had specified that I needed help with an knee old injury in order to hike better.  I walked out feeling better and aligned. The massage was exactly what I needed.

Unfortunately during my stay with my sister I got a call from my partner Jason while he was in the hospital. I was worried as soon as I saw that he had called because he was not supposed to have reception. He had told me about how a rockslide with (IG: @JaymanRobin) sharp rocks had hit his ankle, slashed the skin and broke his tibia. He told me he had to be carried out about 2 miles and driven to the hospital by strangers that had helped him. This was some of the worst news to get so far away from home.

My sister and Sam frequently asked how Jason was doing during my stay. They knew that it was in the back of my head and wished I could help him. There was nothing that I could do but to send baby pictures of Andromeda climbing and crawling better and faster than she’s ever had before. I know that there is a long road to recovery. My baby and my partner are going to learn how to walk for the first time, and again, together.

We are  now back home now and adjusting to Andi’s brand new abilities to crawl fast and stand up. Her curiosity and strength are adding up quick. I will be baby proofing and at the same time making the home more accessible for her daddy. I am taking on everything, including supporting my love and his recovery.

So today I’m procrastinating on this baby proofing, and other chores. I had a donut, ok maybe 2. Now I have to take The Babe to her pediatrician to get caught up on her shots. She’s going to be grumpy. Guaranteed. On top of that, poor babe has been teething like crazy. So there is lots of screaming. My partner feels so bad that he can’t pick her up or move around easily with her. So he’s grumpy, understandably so. This is my life right now. I’m such a mom.

I feel that my remembering to balance my Mind-Body-Soul will help me prevail. I’ll keep my mind positive on the future… my body needs to move… and then my soul will be ready to pour out love and support my family.

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