I Actually RAN🏃🏽‍♀️ For The First Time In A Looooong Time. 

Last week I blogged a mountain workout that I  created but had not done just yet. I was inspired from my most recent hiking adventure to create a workout I could do off the trail and really focus on my endurance, stamina and power. I couldn’t wait to get a chance to try this workout!

INSTRUCTIONS: Intervals are built into this workout. Repeat x5 switchbacks, summit and sprint. Speed is variable to your own abilities. Keep track of your progress by watching the track. (1 lap=400M=.25mi) Push yourself! Try jogging up the hills. Check HR often.

Distance (M) Distance (mi) Incline %
400 0.24 3%
Switchbacks x5
300 0.18 6%
200 0.12 8%
100 0.06 10%
100 0.06 3%
100 0.06 8%
100 0.06 10%
200 0.12 12%
200 0.12 15%
200 0.12 12% Total (mi) 3.33
100 0.06 10% Total (M) 5500
100 0.06 8% 5.5km
Downhill Sprint
400 0.24 3%
Cool Down- Walk and Stretch
200 0.12 3%

I did this last night and let me tell you it was perfectly difficult and fun at the same time. By the time I was done I was almost sad that it was over but I was exhausted. I ran almost an entire hour nonstop at the best pace I could to complete the work out. I was drenched in sweat and felt super accomplished.

My results after my run. This took me almost an hour to complete. I will be able to compare a repeat of this workout soon. 1197ft in elevation gain is a great challenge. My average speed was 3.5.

I actually had to recognize that I haven’t ran that hard since last year!  I was happy that I lasted. My body was surprisingly adaptable to the inclines. The changing inclines mimicked how I usually feel on a trail. Minus the baby backpack, uneven terrain, brush and water crossings; I have only one focus, my breathing. My cardiovascular system had really responded well to the demand I put on my body. My average heart rate was above 75%, the zone of high intensity. Yes! This is just what I need to keep shedding my postpartum baby weight.

You should try this workout! Share with me how you feel and what your completion time was.

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