Get Hiking. Indoors.

Nothing beats hiking outdoors for obvious reasons like sunshine, sweat, accomplishment and fresh air. But what if you are craving the cardio intervals of hills and steps and can’t get outdoors? Maybe being outside in this heat just sounds exhausting. Well, if you want to train for your next big hike up a mountain, want to get a great workout, or improve your glute strength and endurance, I can help you!

This treadmill Mountain Workout was inspired by my last really big hike. I keep a GPS watch and track my mileage. I kept looking, habitually, after every major stretch or long incline and would note the distance. During this workout, track your distance. When you are hiking you set distance or destination, that shouldn’t change during training. So a way for you to set a personal score is note a distance you would want to complete (about 3 miles is a nice) and just do it. I don’t have a set speed in the chart because everyone has a different pace. If you want to run some portions, or get up hills slowly, its your workout. The next time you do this workout, you can note the time you completed it the first time to see your improvement. Good luck!

UPDATE: Check out my first trial of this workout here .

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