What to Pack on a Backpacking Trip… With an INFANT!

So I began today with my little one at her infant swim session. She turned 6 mo just yesterday on the 27th. I was chatting to the other new moms and one mom was explaining how her 5 mo old son miraculously traveled 5 hrs in a car ride to central Ca. “That’s good” I acknowledged, but in my head I was thinking about my babe, and her backpacking adventures that she has already had. My babe is a born traveler and explorer.

Andromeda on her first backpacking trip at 4 mo. We stayed in Sespe Wilderness for 2-nights.
Andi Sage’s Daddy and I are outdoor fanatics. We love being outside, feeling liberated by immersing ourselves in nature. We are planning a 2-night backpacking trip into the Sierras this weekend. You just read this correctly… Into the Sierras. So far we are set on a destination and arrival time. We aren’t sure exactly how it will go. It’s really about how the babe is doing. We make sure to stop whenever her talking and cooing, becomes “I want food”. We have experience and have done Ojai for a 2-night adventure, a 1-night at the Bridge to Nowhere, and two Mt. Baldy day hikes to the summit. This Sierra Trip is going to be right at our level of challenge. I’ve been working up gradually as I am still recovering from childbirth.

On top of Mt. Baldy for my first Mother’s Day. I’m about 5mo postpartum here.
If you are a parent you must be thinking that we are crazy, but I expect that. It’s not a lifestyle or hobby most people take up. Primarily because backpacking is physically super challenging. On the other end of the spectrum the act of just walking in nature is mentally meditative, and spiritually regenerative. I seek all of this to keep me a balanced and positive influence to my daughter. Daddy feels this way too. So if the cost is a physical challenge for the rewards of felling like my highest self, then I’m ready!!!… are you?


So if you happen to want to get out on a day hike or over nighter, please use this list. I will be more than happy to share any advice with you about hiking and backpacking. I have quite some experience, even with a baby.

Backpacking List-Summer

We Use OSPREY backpacks. The baby uses the POGO Plus baby carrier backpack. A pair of hiking poles are essential to have proper balance for the baby.   

Andromeda relaxing as we are packing up camp. Pictured from top clockwise: JetBoil, Sleeping bag, baby blankie, baby toys, misc cloth bag, shawl, baby kit, outdoor dress, bottle wine, water for baby, protein shake, baby clothes, baby beanie, baby socks, misc bag, stuffed kitty all on top of a thin sheet.

2-Person tent

Lightweight sleeping mat

35 degree sleeping bag

Blow-up Pillow

Light sheet

With Baby

Small comfy blankie

Cool Shawl (to wet or drap for shade)

Small stuffed comfort toy

Toys with attatched rings


Extra pacifier (2)

Changing mat

Load soothing music to phone

Hand fan

Trip Clothes 1-2 nights

Hiking dress (area with no biting bugs)

White airy long sleeves cover up (lots of bugs near rivers)

Hiking sandals (area with river crossings)

Trail running shoes (for comfort and agility)


Sports Bra/Bikini Top

Sports shorts

2 Yoga pants (1 warmer 1 active)

Moisture wicking underwear (always bring an extra pair)

Thermal top

Puff jacket




Socks (extra pair!)

Silky Robe

Light flip flops

Baby’s Clothes

2 cotton onsie for hiking in (long or short)


Hooded light sweater

2 pairs of pants

1 long sleeve onise to sleep in

1 warm fleece onsie

Puff Jacket

Extra socks

2 Beanies (1 light 1 warm)

Gloves (if needed)


Multi tool


LED tent lamp


Strong nylon string (daddy carries)

2 Lighters

Citronella candles/incense

Small shoval (daddy carries this)

First Aid Kit (baby and adult)

JetBoil + fuel canister (worth the $100 buy especially for warming up bottles)

Aluminum coffee cup

Hand Sanitizer (extra in multiple pockets)

Aluminum eating utensil


Camel Pack

Water filter (daddy carries)

Sports watch with GPS for tracking progress

Trigger Point Foam roller/lacrosse ball for myofascial release

Misquito netting for hat.

First Aid and Hygiene

Travel tooth brush

Natural toothpaste

Dr. Bronners peppermint soap

Bugspray (DEET FREE)


Toilet tissue

Natural deodorant

Lavender essential oil

Eucalyptus essential oil

Tea tree essential oil




Triple antibiotic

Alcohol prep pads

Bite cream



Pain killer

Day-quil Ny-quil


Travel feminine wipes


Herbal suppliments


Nail clippers


Water sanitizing tabs

Extra lip moisturizer with SPF

With Baby

Diapers (as much as you need a day +some for in car for ride home)

1 gal plastic bag (for wet diapers)

Pack of wipes (more because adults use them too)

Baby Tylenol and dropper

Nose suction thingy

Travel diaper cream

Baby sunblock


Baby skin balm


Teething gel?

Food- Pack in Pack OUT

Dehydrated dinners for each night

Dehydrated breakfast if a big hike is ahead




Peanut butter


Nutritional Bars

Trail mix


Honey sticks

Condiment packets/Seasoned salt

Instant oatmeal with added protein

Starbucks Via/Tea

Hardboiled eggs (eat within first 24 hrs)

Small wine (plastic bottles or boxes)

Protein powder or protein shake

Vitamin C packets

Electrolyte powder

With baby

Breast is BEST! But with momma exerting herself, supply sometimes needs to catch up so…

Bring organic formula

Baby bottle (I use the KIINDE system with plastic bottle bags )

1 bottle of water for baby use only

Dehydrated food

Plastic Baby Bowl

Plastic baby spoon

Baby towl


Do you have any essentials that you need on a backpacking trip? Do you need any suggestions? advice? Message me! I would love to share what has worked for me. Follow me on Instagram @Caligypsea and @TheAud_mom #AdventuresofAndiSage

Happy Trails!


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